Our Approach

Our Approach

For years, the ATM business has been kept a secret by the big banks. This is how they accumulate massive wealth, while taking advantage of these small fees.

It is our mission to help entrepreneurs learn the ATM business, so that they too can cash in on these fees.

Our Story

Our Story

In 2018, we saw the evergrowing need for ATMs in our local area. While Chad Otsuji, CEO of ATM Genius LLC was still in college, he began placing ATMs up and down the east coast region.

After building his initial portfolio of ATMs, he began teaching on YouTube. Tens of thousands of like minded people have viewed his content.

Not too long after, he began The ATM Genius Academy. An online video course where he teaches students step by step how to start their own ATM business.

Meet the Team

 We understand the needs of entrepreneurs who are starting their business from scratch, because we were once in your shoes!

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Chad Otsuji

Founder & CEO

ATM Genius LLC

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