How Much Do ATM Owners Make?

ATM Business owners make anywhere from $300 per month to $1000+ per month per ATM machine. The ATM business is based all on traffic. The more traffic you have, the more likely your machine will outperform others.

But even if your machines are making you $300 per month, you can still make more money than the average American. If and only if you use my secret little formula provided in this article.

Now before I bore you with all of the analytics and numbers, just remember that you need to understand these concepts before you can actually make 6 figures in this industry.

The U.S Bureau of the Census has the annual median personal income at $31,099 in 2016. 

From the Tool Above, at just 12 ATM machines, were able to make $3,600 per month in passive income. Thats about $43,200 per year. That is well over the median income in America!! If you’re interested in this free tool, you can get it HERE.

Another benefit to the ATM business is that you’re able to leverage your time to make money. Your machines are out there working for you and “slaving away” collecting money. Instead of going to work 9am-5pm every single day 40 hours per week, you only have to work about 2 hours per month per machine. Sometimes it’s even less.

So if you’re able to make this kind of money with an ATM business, you only have to work a fraction of the amount of time that a 9-5 job requires. So a typical job, you work 40 hours per week/160 hours per month. With an ATM business if you have 12 ATMs, you only have to work about 24 hours per month. Talk about leveraging your time!

This means you can either take that time to spend with your friends, family, etc. Or you can take that time to acquire more ATMs location. So if you take option two, you can obtain 20, 30, 40 machines.

Sometimes you don’t even have to own that many machines to make a fortune. Sometimes you can find locations that literally to tens of thousands of dollars per year. Take one of my members for example.

He was able to secure a profit of $45,126.08 in just 7 months! This one machine makes him well over the median income of the Average American. Just ONE machine!

If you really want to know how much atm owners make, watch this video and it’ll explain how the entire process of owning an ATM business works. HERE