How much money do ATM owners make?

Have you ever wondered how much money ATM owners make? Just like any other vending machine business out there, the ATM business is passive. Meaning you don’t have to do very much work to make money.

On average an ATM does anywhere from $400-$1000 in revenue each month. Now, before you get too excited, the owner usually never keeps all of that. They have to split that amount with the business owner. Because the business owner is “renting” out that space to the ATM owner. But this amount is negotiable. You can get deals where you only give the business owner as low as 25 cents.

So if you own the ATM and you charge people $3 to use the machine, and you give 25 cents to the owner. You’re able to make $2.75 per transaction. Now that’s not a bad deal at all!

Imagine if you could make $1000 per month in extra income, while only working 1-2 hours a month. That’s the ultimate side hustle.

An in depth explanation on how much money do atm owners make, can be found by watching this video.

For example, this month I ended up making around $666 in revenue from one machine.

Although this doesn’t sound like a whole lot of money, that’s just from ONE machine. Imagine if you had 10 machines. That’s an extra $6,000 in income month over month. You can take this money to invest in more machines, buy a nice car, buy a nice house, retire at age 35. You can do whatever it is that you love to do, because your finances are in order.

Also this is while you’re doing less than 10 hours of work PER MONTH. With that amount of machines, you are making as much as the average American and only putting in less 10% of the work.

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